No, I’m not moving

People keep asking me if I’m going to move. While my answer tends to be ‘Maaybee..’ I am well aware I’m going nowhere.

Reason 1:


I can’t leave this wallpaper. It is the main reason I love my bedroom. Also, this bedroom is a bedroom. I.e. it’s for sleep only. The only furniture in there, except for my bed is a chair, simply because I’ve got nowhere else to put it, and my favorite piece of furniture, an old linen cupboard. What I’m trying to say is: I’ve made it so that you actually can’t do anything but sleep in there.

PS. This is the same wallpaper my parents had in the hallway when I grew up. Well, it’s the dark grey version of it, they had the green + gold version. And yes, I picked it myself.

Reason 2:

I have a black kitchen. BLACK.


Even my fridge/freezer is black.


If I move, I’d have to redo the kitchen because good luck finding an apartment with anything but a white kitchen. I never understood this white kitchen business.

Also. I have a porcelain sink. Why would I move away from a porcelain sink?

Reason 3:

Given the fact that my bedroom is basically a dark box, and my kitchen, well, it’s not bright is it? And, I’ve got a room painted entirely in this color:


who’d want to buy my apartment?

Also. I put in new wardrobes when I moved in, so they’re nice a new and entirely to my taste.


Reason 4:

I have a spare bathroom. Where I keep my washing machine. Most apartments don’t have a spare bathroom where you can keep your washing machine, not around here, never mind the option of having a washing machine at all. I don’t particularly want to leave it.


I also have a dishwasher, tends to not be standard in most apartments here. I need my appliances.

Reason 5:

I’ve got my apartment tailored to me specifically. Isn’t a 2-hour commute a small price to pay for the perfect living space?

Course, it is possible I’ll be forced to move. I’m foreseeing a not-too-far-off future where I no longer work where I work now. I’m just hoping I’ll get to move somewhere more fun than Sundsvall.

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