Food for lazy people (aka vegans)

Sometimes I’m less than sure that my recent veganism is not just an effect of being extremely lazy.

Point in case: my lunch today.

Not only do I not want to spend hours in the kitchen, I also don’t want to do a lot of cleaning up. This goes extremely well with being vegan, because you mainly eat that which does not need to be cooked. Unless you want to. Cutting is usually enough. Fewer pans = less washing up. And a less dirty kitchen. How could you not want that?

If cooking is required, it usually requires no skill. You just need to know what you like. E.g., who knows what the proper preparation of an eggplant is? OK, so maybe someone does, but who cares? All I need to know is I like it black so I’ll do whatever is required to get it as black as possible. There are numerous ways to go about this. I prefer to cut up + put in bowl with oil, stir + pour out on tray + stuff in oven on highest heat. Should be done in about 10 min. And if not, just leave until it turns whatever color you favor. Easy peasy.

For lunch, I used this method but a different produce; lots of potatoes roasted in rosemary and stock. I like to use stock sometimes, makes washing up easier than using oil. I don’t recommend using stock for eggplant tho. While the potatoes are getting ready, I poured boiling water over a bunch of asparagus (kettle + glass bowl + cut into pieces + leave for 5 min = nice and crispy), cut up half a cucumber and a few radishes and that’s my lunch. At least I’m a minimalist in one area of my life. This could be a reason why vegan food makes me happy.

Another reason to love vegan: the pretty colors.

So basically, vegan food is perfect for lazy people easily distracted by pretty colors.


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