lisa anniesette

Changing up my workout routine

Brilliant news! They’ve canceled my regular Wednesday fitness class. Permanently. Which is good, because it means I can replace it with:

Surely. In the end, this will lead to my goal? That is, TRez’s  shoulders in Hurt? I’m an extremely realistic sort of person.


Legs. The necessary evil. I’ve been told that if you have a weak lower back (haven’t we all?) you should build leg muscle rather than try to build back muscle. Because experience tells me trying to build back muscle just has the opposite effect.

I’ll follow this with 10 minutes of stretching. There is nothing as efficient if your ultimate goal is to feel less like a whale. Although. I’m not entirely sure as to why you wouldn’t want to feel like whale. Aren’t whales just beautiful creatures?

All and all, gives me lots more time to watch Lights in the Sky for the 100,000th time. Or so.


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