Life is too short for less than perfect tea

So much tea, so little life. Here’s how make sure you’re always having the best cup of tea possible:

Your hot water should not come from:

the tap,
the coffee machine, or
the microwave.

If those are your options, just say no.

Tea bags are clearly made to be kept in your bag for emergency use; choose loose leaf whenever possible. And you might want to branch out from Lipton.

Make sure you have an assortment of tea pots and tea cups, for different occasions and different moods. It’ll make you happy. Trust me.

When faced with a nearly empty tea tin, or if your teas feel uninspiring, make your own blends. Some of my favorite blends:

green bergamot + black rhubarb
mint + green strawberry tea
green lemon + black peach
back ginger from the Willow Tea Rooms + pretty much any tea you can think of

Don’t restrict yourself, mixing green and black tea is an excellent idea.

And remember, when making a big cup of tea, just adding more water will not give you any more tea, it’ll give you a weak cup of tea. This makes no one happy. Make the effort to get your proportions right, it will be worth it. You may have to use two tea strainers to get a strong enough cup of tea.

How to fix weak tea: just sprinkle some tea straight into the cup and leave it.

Viel Glück!

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