Five makeup faves

I would forsake all base products for the the following five:

  1. a good dark brow pencil (currently inspired by Frances Bean‘s brows),
  2. an eye shadow in red – I am in love with H&M‘s shade Sahara Dawn,
  3. a purple eye shadow – H&M‘s Wild Sable does the trick,
  4. a liquid liner – still looking for my holy grail, so far settling for one that I can get on and that is cruelty-free, and
  5. a pale, long-lasting lip color – NYX‘s matte lip cream in the shade Cairo does the trick.

Clearly I’m aiming for one of the following:

  • Vampire
  • Gerard Way ca 2004
  • Severely ill

Surely, it’s what we’re all going for, yes?

signatur 1

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