Back on track with Spotify

Spotify did good this week.

I was starting to despair, weeks and week and more weeks of just useless recommendations (Papa Roach AGAIN? You don’t suppose I could be avoiding them on purpose?) – not only bands I already know of, but bands that are so predictable that without ever having heard them before I could guess what singer was going to sound like. The fact that I also knew it was not my taste didn’t exactly improve matters. All and all, it made me want to shout DO YOU EVEN KNOW ME AT ALL?!??!!

Taste in music – I take it very seriously.

But then, spend a few hours listening to Gone with the Wind on repeat and Spotify catches on to what your likes are. I’m guessing.

While the playlist as a whole was very listenable, absolute standouts for me are Annisokay and Landscapes.

Annisokay appears to be a German band. Annisokey + Burning Down Alaska makes me wonder what’s going on in Germany. About time for obsessive listening to bands from Germany, again, maybe?

Landscapes reminds me of There is a hell believe me I’ve seen it. There is a heaven let’s keep it a secret. I am so in love with that sound.

So that + Dissolve by Being as an Ocean and Lionheart by Bury Tomorrow will get me through the week.

I hope. They’re making a good effort to drown me in translation work.

Lots of love,

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PS. I’m not complaining. Not really. Spotify is spoiling us rotten. Just think of pre-Spotify. I would have been absolutely thrilled to find a new band that I actually liked every few months. Not to mention in the days of CDs. If you bought it you had to listen to it, didn’t matter if you liked it or not.

Top 3 records I just cannot accept are not available on Spotify

2016-04-23 Einstürzende Neubauten Alles Wieder Offen.png

3. Einstürzende NeubautenAlles wieder offen
I will cut them some slack for this because A: Perpetuum Mobile is available, which is currently my favorite of the Neubauten records. And B: It is a supporter record, I wouldn’t expect Spotify to have any of them really. Or, as a supporter I feel that would be fair (makes sense, yes?). But there is a definite lack of Neubauten material, and we (yes! all of us, have you not been informed?) need Neubauten material, and Alles wieder offen – we miss it for so many reasons. Ich hatte ein Wort being one of them.

2016-04-23 Tindersticks Curtains.png

2. TindersticksCurtains
Every. Single. Record. Tindersticks has ever been involved in. But not Curtains, their masterpiece? That’s just wrong. I dare you to listen to this and not fall in love with it. Seriously.

2016-04-23 Tura Satana Relief through Release.png

1. Tura SatanaRelief Through Release
I could easily write an essay on the greatness of Relief Through Release. It’s only been 20 years (approx) – still not over it. As in love as in 97.

Note: Their unavailability would not bother me, as I clearly own these records, if I didn’t have to keep adding them manually to my Spotify. Why is it that? If I’ve added them once shouldn’t they just be there for ever and ever? Especially if I use Spotify on my phone, and I have these records stored on my phone as mp3s, shouldn’t Spotify be able to pick up on that? I know that used to be the case. Mostly, I’m a huge fan of Spotify. HUGE. But I am disappointed. Wee bit.


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Changing up my workout routine

lisa anniesette

Brilliant news! They’ve canceled my regular Wednesday fitness class. Permanently. Which is good, because it means I can replace it with:

Surely. In the end, this will lead to my goal? That is, TRez’s  shoulders in Hurt? I’m an extremely realistic sort of person.


Legs. The necessary evil. I’ve been told that if you have a weak lower back (haven’t we all?) you should build leg muscle rather than try to build back muscle. Because experience tells me trying to build back muscle just has the opposite effect.

I’ll follow this with 10 minutes of stretching. There is nothing as efficient if your ultimate goal is to feel less like a whale. Although. I’m not entirely sure as to why you wouldn’t want to feel like whale. Aren’t whales just beautiful creatures?

All and all, gives me lots more time to watch Lights in the Sky for the 100,000th time. Or so.


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Still not over the Mission

Have I mentioned that I love the Mission? I love the Mission.

Is it just me or does the guitarist seem to be somewhat inspired by Robin Finck? Specifically, the 1994 Robin Finck.

Maybe that says more about my frame of reference than anything else.

I blame youtube for my lack of reading lately. How am I supposed to get any reading done when there’s such a lot of Mission to watch?

Faithfully yours,

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What I wore today; details

The top is a cropped little number, a loose fit, but fitted in the waist. There’s a decorative seam on the sleeve too; I’m a sucker for decorative seams. 2016-04-19 Lila topp Åh

In my opinion, perfect neckline. Paired it with a geo necklace.2016-04-19 NECKLACE + NECKLINE

And a big old watch. 2016-04-19 Watch

And I’ve got a new favorite lipstick, another IsaDora matte, in the shade Ruby Gem. In love I tell you.2016-04-19 Ruby Gem 2

I paired this with a favorite pair of trousers, a wide-legged Hershey Sevilla, making me feel like a proper adult for once, while being so comfortable I could not possibly have cared less that my makeup was on crooked. And I’m not only talking about the fact that it seems as if me and Manson, we’ve got the same idea of how to apply lipstick. There was a bit of a blush accident that I couldn’t be bothered to fix and then the brows..well they didn’t look as if they were related at all.

I just hope it annoyed the hell out of someone.


New addition to Burning Down Alaska

I was hoping Burning Down Alaska was going to make Kassim a permanent member, and apparently they have.  Which is brilliant. I’m so in love with this guy’s vocals.

As much as I love their unclean vocals, which I do, it’s the perfect example of exactly what I feel unclean vocals should sound like, I still feel like they need to be balanced out with some clean vocals. I.e., I just find unclean vocals to be somewhat limited in their ability convey a range of emotions.

Right then. I’ll be off fangirling elsewhere.


Life is too short for less than perfect tea

So much tea, so little life. Here’s how make sure you’re always having the best cup of tea possible:

Your hot water should not come from:

the tap,
the coffee machine, or
the microwave.

If those are your options, just say no.

Tea bags are clearly made to be kept in your bag for emergency use; choose loose leaf whenever possible. And you might want to branch out from Lipton.

Make sure you have an assortment of tea pots and tea cups, for different occasions and different moods. It’ll make you happy. Trust me.

When faced with a nearly empty tea tin, or if your teas feel uninspiring, make your own blends. Some of my favorite blends:

green bergamot + black rhubarb
mint + green strawberry tea
green lemon + black peach
back ginger from the Willow Tea Rooms + pretty much any tea you can think of

Don’t restrict yourself, mixing green and black tea is an excellent idea.

And remember, when making a big cup of tea, just adding more water will not give you any more tea, it’ll give you a weak cup of tea. This makes no one happy. Make the effort to get your proportions right, it will be worth it. You may have to use two tea strainers to get a strong enough cup of tea.

How to fix weak tea: just sprinkle some tea straight into the cup and leave it.

Viel Glück!

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What’s in my bag; gym to work edition

Recently I had to admit defeat and get myself a backpack for my Friday workout sessions. With all the stuff I apparently feel I need, carrying around a bag was killing my shoulders.

Let’s have a look at the content shall we:

what's in my bag

I need: shampoo, conditioner, day cream, shower gel, earrings, lotion, towel, face gel, hair products, Läkerol, alcogel, keys, card, phone, pen, Alvedon, lots of hair pins, plasters, hair clips, liquid liner, Majestic Mauve, hair spray, tangler teaser, two pairs of headphones (..might have to rethink that…), charger, lip balm, tea (herbals really, except for the lemon Twinings hiding in the back), outfit for work, hand lotion, tampons, Vaseline, gum, piles of makeup and brushes.

Might have forgotten a few things. Fortunately they fit quite comfortably in my bag too.

2016-04-14 15.34.39.jpg

Conclusion: need to improve my packing skills. Possibly also become a minimalist.

Exhaustedly yours,

signatur 1

PS. I used to bring straightener and volume master so at least I’m making some sort of progress.

H&M, April edition

Went to H&M to get a couple of shadows. Came home with a bunch of stuff.

2016-04-11 15.08.31.jpg

I was only going to get two more shadows because I am in love with the shades Sahara Dawn and Wild Sable, but then I figured while I was at it, might as well get:

  • Make waves cream – so impressed with the saltwater cream I wanted to try this one out as well…
  • ..and also the smoothing balm.
  • The hair spray is divine, purely because of its smell – swear it reminds me of something I used to eat as a kid. Or a soda? Something sweet.
  • The shadows are in the shades Dover and Lignite. Realized Dover is on the sparkly side when I got home, which I thought I didn’t like, but I’ve used it every day since I got it, so, non-issue.
  • Desperation is setting in when it comes to mascara. I’ll try anything cruelty-free, long as it doesn’t smell horribly (sensitive eyes, if you can smell it eyes will not stand for it), looking forward to trying this one.
  • Supposedly the dip liner is water-proof, which I need, in addition to my current liner something of a disappointment.
  • Hairband with some sort of stay-up glue strips inside – seems quite clever?
  • PJs. Needed non-ratty PJs for trip. As you do.

Your H&M addict,

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